Our new beginnings

Our new beginnings

Welcome to my first blog post! My Perfect Stamp was borne out of a desire to find stamps and crafting products from outside of the UK.

As an avid YouTube viewer, I longed to create the kinds of cards and projects that I saw from famous American crafters. Accessing these products has not been easy, and whilst some companies have an amazing UK presence, others do not. I want to change that in my own small way. 

Now, I'm a crafter, not a businesswoman, so I've had to learn quickly about Tax, Self Assessment, and actually contacting companies that I hold in high esteem. I feel a bit like a middle aged fan girl. What if they all say no?! I've taken the plunge, and emailed some companies, and some have emailed back! I've even sorted out social media platforms!

Hopefully there will be exciting news to come!

May 14, 2019 — Emma Burgess