Pre-Order is here! How to get all your Card Making supplies without joining the queue!

Howdy gang! Hope you are all well? We have some exciting news here at MPS Towers - we can now offer a pre order and Wishlist facility. 

Let's get down to it shall we? 

First things first - the form is at the bottom of the website. If you click the rainbow box, a form will appear. Fill it out and it will make its way to us to process. Your data, as always is encrypted and we adhere to GDPR.

You might be asking "how does it work?". Good question! We have listed 3 brands that we plan on buying from asap, from their new releases. If you want to buy from these releases, just fill in the form, and we will order your stamps, dies and other goodies. These items will not be taken from stock on our website, they're yours from the get go. You can add any other items into the mix from that supplier as well. For example, you may want the upcoming Pretty Pink Posh release, all of it, sight unseen (It's a cracker tbh), but you may also want the Hugs stamp set, and the clay confetti number 5 wheel. Just add the Hugs stamp set and the clay confetti into the box, and it will be added with your preorder. You then have the choice to pay everything up front, or to pay a deposit, it's up to you!

Now for the Wishlist! The last box on the form is an opportunity for you to go wild in the aisles (thank you Dale Winton!). If you add to the Wishlist facility, then we will order your items when we next order from that brand. We will keep you updated on timelines. 

This is an exciting new service, which we are proud to bring to you. If it makes the buying experience easier for you, then we are all for it. 

November 14, 2022 — Emma Burgess
Tags: New news Preorder

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